Summer Food Service Program

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) module has been designed with all the capabilities necessary to simplify the administration of the program with online entry of applications and claims through an intranet or the Internet.

It tracks information required by the USDA and provides each sponsor’s base information required for submission of reimbursement claims. The SFSP can also track migrant sites, open sites, enrolled sites, National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) sites, summer camps, as well as residential and day camps.

CTS has unequaled experience in the development of software products tailored to assist states in the management of federally funded Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs.  We integrate emerging computer technologies with custom applications and system software to provide innovative, reliable, cost-effective and turnkey solutions.  We have been developing Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs since 1994. Our software and services have been used in over half of the country. Our track record of outstanding services and products makes CTS a strong choice when planning to automate the Child Nutrition Programs.


  • Tracks program participation information for sponsors and sites.
  • Manages processes and tracks receipt of documents during application period.
  • Tracks and displays changes made to applications.
  • Built-in application edit checks ensure accurate data entry on all enrollment forms.
  • Ability to stop payment of reimbursement claims, e.g., the application does not pass all necessary business rules or the sponsor has terminated.
  • Supports administration of year-round Summer Food sponsors.
  • Allows for automatic rolling over of data from previous program year.


  • Ability to process reimbursement claims as frequently during a month as desired.
  • Allows entry of original or revised claims.
  • Supports claim submission at a sponsor or site level.
  • Seamless integration into the state’s financial payment system, which greatly reduces data entry and processing time by the state.
  • Full year summary view of all claims and earnings.
  • Tracks claims processed with State or USDA granted exceptions such as the 36 month exception rule.
  • Claims must pass all edit checks in order to be approved for payment. State override capability is also available.


  • Tracks entry and management of advances.
  • Flexible recovery options available, allowing state to define when and how much to recover.
  • Advances must pass all edit checks in order to be approved for payment.


  • Creates the FNS418 report and supporting information.
  • Ability to create ad-hoc reports by State staff.
  • Ability to export report data into a variety of formats including Excel, Word, and Rich Text.
  • Robust report options available for State administrators, sponsors, and financial staff for analysis and management of the program.
  • New custom reports can be developed or the current reports can be customized to fit the State’s individual needs.
  • Creates mailing labels for a variety of contact types.