Highlights of our Compliance Review Software

  • Web-based and Laptop/Tablet-based
  • Managers can track all reviews online
  • Includes functionality for conducting team reviews
  • Enables State Agency to manage scheduling and provides notification when reviews are due
  • Findings are compiled electronically, allowing State Agencies to assess training effectiveness and determine training needs

Additional Features

  • Expedite the review process
  • Sponsor submission of responses to Corrective Action Plans via the Internet
  • Effective management team reviews
  • Dashboards to track state-wide status of reviews
  • Track recommendations and commendations
  • Delivers immediate feedback to sponsor and state authorities
  • Includes edit checks to ensure accurate data entry on all forms
  • Automates forms to meet USDA review requirements
  • Automatic generation of USDA FNS reporting

Elements of Software

  • Reduce number and complexity of forms to be used
  • Standardize and simplify questions to be used across all states
  • Provide the ability for a more collaborative approach between the State Agency and Sponsors regarding reviews
  • Automatically creates next review record based on the review cycle.

See What Our Software Can Do for You!

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